Friday, 10 March 2017

Dispelling The Greatest Myths Of ISO 9001 Certification In Kolkata

Do you think it’s time your company gets officially recognised for its quality management system? But are you wondering whether such standards will be beneficial for your company?  You must have heard of those common misconceptions then. Well, its time these myths get debunked and you know what the reality is!

No matter what kind of a trade you are associated with, a quality management system helps your organisation to be more efficient and improve its customer satisfaction. These international standards are regularly updated to ensure that a company remains updated with the present business environment. Such certifications cover various aspects of management systems like- environment, quality, health and safety, food safety, information security, etc.

Though these standards have undergone huge changes over the years, some misconceptions still exist. Scroll down to know the reality!

ISO Certification In Kolkata: 5 Myths Which Should Be Debunked Immediately!

Myth- 1: ISO 9001 is only for big businesses
No. This international standard can be used by any business or organisation, irrespective of its size and shape. Thus, no matter whether you have a small or big company, it is well-suited to your business since it’s a generic standard. By implementing this standard in your organisation, you can ensure a definite level of consistency.

Myth- 2: It is very complicated
No matter how difficult it may seem to you initially, the concepts behind the standards are too simple to implement. When it comes to describing your efficient management system, nothing can be a better than the seven quality management principles.

Myth- 3: It is too expensive to put into practice
With leading consultant firms, you can easily avail ISO certification in Kolkata at reasonable prices. These companies have internal management experts who hold years of professional expertise can provide innovative and flexible services to meet your specific needs

Myth- 4: Is incapable of providing financial benefits to an organisation
It can help your organisation bring profits in numerous ways like-
•    By increasing efficiency and productivity, thus lowering your costs.
•    Enhances your reputation by bringing new customers.
•    Improves customer satisfaction, resulting in increased sales and additional income.

Myth- 5: Is only meant for service providers
ISO 9001 is a process standard which is suited for both service and product providers. It is concerned with the way a company goes about its work. Thus, whether it’s public, private or government organisation; it can be used everywhere.

So what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with reputed consultancy firms and start implementing ISO 9001!

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